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Bottle Screen Printing

Bottle Screen Printing
$25 Set-up

An initial set-up is required for each different sized bottle.  This is the replacement of tooling and subsequent adjustments made prior to screen printing.

$35 Screen Preparation

Make silkscreens from film photo-positive of artwork.  Layout and graphic services by COR Creative.  One screen is required for a round bottle and an additional screen for each color change.  One screen is required for each side of an oval bottle plus one screen for each color change on that side.  There is an additional charge to make oval tooling.  Screens are retained for six months.

$15 Screen Changes

Each color or artwork change requires a screen change.

Printing charges

Plastic bottles...... $0.20 (up to 32oz.) to $0.35 (gal) — This is the charge for each individual print; it is applicable to ovals or rounds and is based on a minimum of 1,000 pieces.  There is a $0.03 ea. quantity discount on orders of 5,000 pieces (another $0.03 ea. at 10,000).  Small orders (under 1,000 pc.), metal and glass are charged at a minimum of double rates.

Misc. Notes & Terms:

Scrap allowance is 3% per color/side.  Artwork is subject to layout review.  Proofreading is NOT performed and is the responsibility of the customer to proofread during the design stage.  F.O.B. or Phoenix production plant.  Terms are C.O.D. upon completion.  $150 minimum order.  Oval (or specialty) tooling is $150 in advance.  Sample prints are billed as a minimum order.  Customer orders are done on a first-in, first-out basis.  Priority service or special requests are available for additional charges (usually 2 X normal invoice).