Many COR clients are fabricators, manufacturers, or businesses that find themselves in need of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) service for a certain project. 3D model renderings are often generated out of the 2D CAD plans. 2D plans turned into 3D models can go on to create product photos and graphics for sales. CAD services are one of the many creative services available to you at COR CREATIVE.

Note: CAD services are for small to mid-size products.  Architectural CAD and blueprints are not offered at this time


SAMPLE-1: A fabrication blueprint for a BBQ island. The 2D CAD scaled dimension drawings were used to generate a 3D model. Sales materials were then generated from these resources.

A fabrication blueprint for a BBQ island - 3D models for customer visualization and builder reference

SAMPLE-2: A CAD 3D wireframe model.


SAMPLE-3: The final product rendering. The product images generated are 3D CAD images photographically manipulated in a pleasant setting with appliances added.

COR product rendering for sales from 3D CAD

SAMPLE-4: The CAD models can get intricate and detailed, representing any scale detail from a small appliance to a full building and landscaping.

COR 3D Architectural Models example

Note: Architectural CAD blueprint drawings are not available at this tiime.  CAD services are for product concept, design and placement.